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Fairfield County Federal Credit Union was founded in 1934 to promote savings among its members.

We offer a variety of savings plans from share accounts to certificates, IRAs to Plan America, all designed to meet the ever changing needs of our members. For current rates click the rates button on our Web Page, call Voice Line at 203-969-2340 or the Credit Union at 203-324-2144 or 203-366-1336.

Share (Savings) Account
At Fairfield County, you become a member by opening a share (savings) account. The minimum deposit to open and remain a member is $25.00. Dividends are paid monthly on average balances over $100. You may make unlimited deposits, withdrawals or transfers to this account in person, by mail, Direct Deposit, Payroll Deduction, Voice Line or our in-house ATM.

Summer Paycheck Account
For Educators or anyone who is paid on a 21-26 or 22-26 payroll payment plan, we have a savings program that will help you manage your funds to carry you through the lean months. Deposits are made to this account every pay period. You draw on these funds during the summer when you do not receive a paycheck. And you earn a market rate of interest on your funds.

Fixed Rate Certificates
By investing your funds into a Certificate of Deposit, your money earns a higher rate of interest. You may lock into the current rate for a variety of terms ranging from three months to five years. Our fixed rate Certificates have a minimum balance requirement to open. No additional deposits are allowed once the account is open.

Club Accounts
Fairfield County Federal Credit Union's Club Accounts allow you to set aside funds for a specific purpose such as a dream vacation or holiday expenses. Deposit as often as you like and when your Club Account matures we will deposit the funds to an account of your choice or mail you a check. For your convenience we will automatically renew your Club upon maturity.

Money Market Savings Account
With our Money Market Savings account you earn a market rate of interest as long as the minimum balance is maintained. You can make unlimited deposits and withdrawals to this account. If your balance falls below the minimum, you will receive no interest. The account offers tiered rates so that you receive a higher rate of interest depending on the amount of your deposit. Rates are subject to change at any time.

Share Draft / Checking Accounts
Fairfield County Federal Credit Union's Checking Accounts have so many benefits for credit union members no monthly service charges, no per check charges, no minimum balance requirements. It only takes a $25.00 deposit to open the account. The first 50 checks are free when you order your first box.  Deposits can be made at the credit union, through payroll deduction, direct deposit or at our in-house ATM. Access to your funds can also be made through ATM's and Voice Response. We offer overdraft protection with every checking account. Lines of Credit are available up to $10,000. Report Lost or Stolen Debit Card After Hours - 800 236-2442


Individual Retirement Accounts
To help you get the most out of your retirement dollars we offer a variety of retirement plans. The IRA Accumulator account pays a market rate of interest and allows you to make contributions throughout the year, with an open-ended maturity date. You can make deposits over-the-counter, by payroll deduction, etc. It only takes a minimum deposit of $25 to open your IRA Accumulator Account. In addition, you may invest your retirement funds in any of our Certificates of Deposit. Special eligibility rules related to earned income, total income and tax deductibility of contributions vary depending on the individual.

Market Rate Index Certificate
The Market Rate Index Certificate is a regular or retirement investment that allows you to enjoy both the benefits of the stock market and the security of a certificate. The account is an insured certificate that can have a one, two, four or seven year maturity. The Market Rate Index Certificate pays dividends based on movement of the Standard and Poor's 500 Composite Stock Price Index (S&P500). You participate in returns of the stock market without risking your initial deposit. If the S&P500 is lower than the time of your initial deposit, you receive no dividends. If the S&P 500 is higher than when the C.D. opened, you earn a percentage of the increase of the S&P 500.

Roth IRA
The Roth IRA differs from a regular IRA in that it is funded solely by after-tax contributions. Thus, contributions are not tax deductible. However, the Roth IRA offers the possibility of tax-free withdrawals of earnings at retirement. There are higher income ceilings than the regular IRA and it can be opened in addition to a regular IRA.

Coverdell IRA
The Coverdell IRA allows you to contribute $2000 per year per child up to age 18. The earnings on the funds are tax-free if they are used for education. Contributions are not tax deductible and there are income limitations.


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