Automated Services

Bill Payer
CSCCU offers a Bill Payer service that takes all the work out of paying your bills at a minimal charge. Bill Payer can pay up to 40 of your creditors by drawing funds from your checking account. We offer three options to make paying bills easy.

Automatic Payments - You can arrange for automatic monthly payments on bills that are due at the same time for the same amount each month (mortgage, insurance, etc.) These bills will be paid automatically each month.

Pay by Phone – You can pay bills with a different amount each month (such as utilities, credit cards, etc) by calling our Voice Line and following the instructions for bill payment. Payments will be sent out the next business day after your call.

Delayed Payments – You can update your list of creditors at anytime. You can call Voice Line to schedule a non-automatic payment for any date within thirty days of your call. Confirmation of your bill payments is made on your monthly statement.

Voice Line
With our Automated Response System – Voice Line – transferring funds and balancing your checkbook become easier than ever. By using a touch tone telephone and your PIN you can inquire about balances, make transfers, find which checks have cleared, check on payroll deduction, apply for a loan and much more. Call 203-969-2340, 203-368-2340 or 203-741-9178 to access the Voice Line service.

Payroll Deduction
You may have any amount withdrawn from your paycheck and deposited each payday into your Share, Share Draft (checking) Club or IRA. You may even pay back your loan using Payroll Deduction. Sign up with your employer today.

Direct Deposit
Have your paycheck, social security or any regularly occurring payment deposited directly into any of your accounts. Direct Deposit ends the needless worrying about having to get to the credit union or losing your check in the mail.

Automated Teller Machines
With a credit union ATM card you can withdraw funds from you checking, savings or money market account by using any NYCE, Cirrus or Honor Automated Teller Machine. ATM's give you convenient access 24 hours a day wherever and whenever you need cash. Use our in-house ATM, anytime, free of charge. CSCCU is a member of the SUM ATM program. You can use any SUM designated ATM surcharge-free! Finding a SUM ATM is easy - just look for the SUM logo on participating ATMs or use the locator to find a SUM ATM near you.

Debit Card
CSCCU's MasterMoney™ Debit Card is faster than checks and safer than cash. It allows you 24-hour access to your funds, seven days a week, to purchase groceries, gas, products--whatever your heart desires--wherever MasterCard© is accepted. We will also give you a line of credit to accompany your debit card so that if you are at a store and enough funds aren't available in your checking account, you can avoid the embarrassment by drawing on your credit line. All this for a modest fee of $1.00 per month.

Overdraft Protection
You never have to worry about overdrawing your account again with our safety net – overdraft protection product. You can apply for a Line of Credit that will guarantee that your checks are paid. Lines of Credit are available up to $10,000.

Overdraft Coverage
If a member does not have a "linked account" or an overdraft line of credit with available funds, the credit union may pay overdrafts up to a aggregate amount of $500.00 including fees. Essentially this is a short-term credit facility that is available to established members in good standing with the credit union. The member must repay the overdraft within a ten day period. The payment of this type of overdraft coverage is discretionary on the part of the credit union and the credit union has no legal obligation to pay any overdraft for any member.

Personal Computer Banking
Enjoy the convenience and services of our branch right in your own home with computer banking. You can access accounts for balances, transfer funds, apply for a loan, get a mortgage approval online and place a stop payment on a check.